Case Victories

2017 Felony DWI; 3rd Offense – Williamson County

I was able to work with prosecutors to negotiate for the client who was out on parole with an impending blue warrant a deal to reduce a DWI 3rd felony offense with a BAC of 0.15+ to a Class A misdemeanor DWI and a sentence of 90 days in county jail. The client’s parole officer told him it was very helpful to have the charge reduced to a misdemeanor when it comes to increasing his odds of his parole being reinstated despite the new charge. All parties were happy with the results!

2017 DWI; 1st Offense – Williamson County 

The client was passed out at a stop sign as a result of illness and dehydration.  When an officer found her on scene, he arrested her for DWI.  I went through hundreds of pages of medical documentation and sent select pages to the prosecutor to corroborate our version of the events and back up our dehydration claim and reiterate her innocence when it came to being intoxicated.  The prosecutor went over the documents I emailed and dismissed the case.

2017 DWI; 1st Offense – Lee County

My client was pulled over for speeding and subsequently arrested for DWI.  He was not eligible for a pre-trial intervention program because his BAC was above a 0.15.  After negotiations with the prosecutor, emphasizing my client’s lack of criminal history, the charge was dropped to an obstruction of a highway and the DWI dismissed.

2017 DWI; 1st Offense – Madison County

After pulled over for speeding and the police officer finding an open and half empty wine bottle in the vehicle, my client was arrested for DWI.  He was not eligible for a pre-trial intervention program due to his BAC being above a 0.15.  After I had the client take a few alcohol education classes up front to emphasize his proactive approach to the offense, the prosecutor reduced the charge to obstruction of a highway and dismissed the DWI.

2017 DWI ALR Hearing – Williamson County

I attended an ALR hearing for a Williamson County client to contest the automatic license suspension that comes with a DWI arrest. I argued because our client was asleep in her vehicle and properly situated in a parking space, no traffic violations had been committed and the officer did not see her operate the vehicle, that there was no reasonable suspicion for the stop. The judge agreed that DPS did not prove by a preponderance of the evidence that there was reasonable suspicion or probable cause to stop or arrest the client and dismissed the license suspension. The can client continue driving and avoid a year suspension DPS would have imposed before our client’s criminal case had been resolved.

2016 Possession of a Controlled Substance – Williamson County

The client was found with a small amount of cocaine in a traffic stop, he was arrested for possession of a controlled substance.  The only testing of the drug was done on the side of the road and it was never tested in a lab.  I repeatedly asked the prosecutor for a lab testing of the drugs.  Eventually it was discovered there was nothing left to test, and the prosecutor dismissed the charge.

2016 Possession of a Controlled Substance – Williamson County

Our client was arrested for Possession of a Controlled Substance after being found with THC oil.  Given the client’s lack of criminal history, I was able to negotiate for a reduced 2 year deferred charge on a misdemeanor.  This means that the client is no longer at risk of being charged with a felony, and if he completes the deferral period on the misdemeanor the charge will be dismissed completely.

2016 DWI 4th Offense & Possession of Marijuana – Williamson County

The client was arrested for her 4th DWI and was also found with marijuana when searched after arrest.  The client had only a small amount of alcohol in her system, but the blood results also showed drugs so initially the prosecutors wanted to charge her with the felony.  I was able to negotiate a reduction from a felony to a misdemeanor DWI Class A conviction and the state also dismissed the possession of marijuana charge.

2016 DWI; 1st Offense – Williamson County

The client, an Austin Firefighter, was arrested for DWI and Possession of a Dangerous Drug.  He had never been arrested before, but was not eligible for the pre-trial intervention program because he refused all tests.  We prepared a “good guy” package with his accomplishments and were able to get the charge reduced to obstruction of a highway and the DWI and Possession of Dangerous Drug were both dismissed.

2016 DWI & Theft – Williamson County

My client had a theft charge and a DWI charge pending at the same time in Williamson County. After arguing that due to the client refusing all tests and there was no proof of intoxication, the prosecution reduced the charge to reckless driving and dismissed the DWI. The prosecution also dismissed the theft charge as part of the plea agreement.

2016 DWI; 1st Offense – Williamson County

I instructed the client to take a few alcohol education classes and an alcohol assessment up front to demonstrate to the prosecutors that this client did not have any substance abuse issues, as well as show the client was being proactive in raising their own alcohol awareness. After completing these up front requirements, the prosecutors agreed based on the lack of intoxication evidence to reduce the charge to obstruction of a highway and dismiss the DWI charge.

2016 DWI, 2nd Offense – Bell County

our client had been charged with his 2nd DWI. After reviewing the video and coming to the conclusion there was nothing to substantiate the claim that our client had been intoxicated and operating a vehicle, we set the case for trial. I also emailed the prosecutor behind the scenes and urged him to review the video. After taking a second look, the prosecutor agreed with me that our client was not intoxicated and dismissed the case.

2016 DWI; 1st Offense – Williamson County

My client had unfortunately taken a turn too quickly, ran off the road and hit the house. He was arrested at the scene for DWI. We did deeper investigation and when talking to the homeowner, discovered that she also didn’t feel the client had been intoxicated that evening. When presenting this witness to the prosecutors, the charge was reduced to reckless driving and the DWI dismissed.